Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday Fun!

Hello Everyone... it's Ginna here. Since Lou Ann is going to be terrible at keeping us up to date with this blog, I'm going to post one for her! On Friday, Lyn, Lou Ann, and I went to pick up some curtain and drapes we were having done and decided that we would all help Lyn hang hers... well, we decided we would kindly ask the husbands and get them to hang them. Sweet Matt did most of the handy work while Greg was his assistant, Ryan played babysitter, and the girls played supervisor! After 5 hours, 3 large pizzas, and lots of beer- they were hung! They turned out great!! Here are some pictures!

The after kitchen... don't have a picture of the before...sorry!
Measuring for the den curtains...
Mr. Perfectionist making sure they are even...
And.... here they are!Reid got into whatever he could.... right now it's Ryan's shoes!
And... a Mickey Mouse hat...
Ryan jealous he didn't have a Nintendo DS to play with...
Canon & Mattie giving high fives... they are too cute!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mattie and Reid - The Big Cousins!

Well, I'm excited and proud to post that Mattie and Reid are going to be cousins! Ginna and Ryan announced recently that they are expecting a little peanut in September. We are all so very excited. I finally get to be an 'aunt'! I can only hope that Matt and I can be as good to the "Abbey Kids" as Ginna and Ryan are to Our Babies!

Congratulations Ginna and Ryan!!! We Love You Both!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Sanders New Blog!

Hello! I am new at this and was inspired by my sister, Ginna, and my friend Anne to start a blog. While I am great at taking pictures of my kids, I'm not as good at sharing them!

Mattie is 4-Turning 21 in May and Reid is 17 months-turning 5 in September!!!!! Mattie wants to be as old as her mother and wear makeup, etc like me and Reid wants to be as old as Mattie! They truly love each other and we are very blessed for that!

It was pretty one Sunday afternoon, so the kids enjoyed the fresh air. The love the jeep that B bought Mattie. Reid gets in the driver's seat to drive it every time we go outside. We are ready for the warm weather so we can play outside more!

This morning at 5 am, I woke up to Mattie and Reid having a discussion over the monitor. I soon realized that they were both up and in Reid's bed! When I got in Reid's room, they were admiring the fish display that Gaga gave Reid for Christmas. It is intended for viewing-but not at 5am! I put two crying children back to bed and layed in my bed listening to them cry themself to sleep! I never brought it back up because I don't want it to happen again tonight! Neither of them ever remembered!