Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Times to Cherish!

Well, we have had Bible School this week and have been learning about God's Hope. We learned the Bible verse "God give us hope." I am a crew leader and walk the kids around to the different areas. Last night, when we got home, Mattie's tummy was hurting. She looked up and me and said "Mama, I know that my tummy will get better because God gives us hope for that." My heart melted to hear her repeat back in her terms what we had learned from the night!

In the meantime, Matt and I have canceled our Beach Trip to Orange Beach for now because of the oil spill. We are trying to decide whether to go somewhere different, rebook for the same area, or go to the beach further south. Mattie told me last night that she really wanted to go to the Beach, so "Maybe we can try the 'RED' Beach instead of the Orange Beach to see if the oil made it there!

Last week, we went to the square for "Family Fun night in Hernando." They had a fun band, which Reid Sanders enjoyed the most! Reid got on the front row and danced will all of the dancers (for about 30 minutes). He was especially good at the 'electric slide.' Reid definitely enjoys a crowd as much as his Mommy! What a joy. I will Cherish these comments/moments forever! God has blessed us so much!!

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